Big Bag Filling Station For Plastic Resin Chips

Plastic Resin Chips - Super sac filling

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JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation was founded in 1957 and was the first operation to manufacture petrochemicals in the Philippines.

Webster Griffin were asked to propose machinery by JG Summit because of their proven experience in working with companies handling plastic resins.



  • Provide a high speed, accurate bag filling station to fill 500kg to 1000kg big bags
  • Build a system capable of handling both PE and PP pellets
  • Design a filling process with minimal wastage of the expensive PP & PE resins
  • Make unloading product a as low impact on labour as possible
  • Maintain the hygiene standards
  • Ensure a consistent production process with the automation of conveying and pallet dispensing
  • Increase production capacity to up to 40 bags an hour


Webster Griffin offered the following solution:

  • IBC-PF4 Big Bag Filling system capable of a throughput up to 40 bags/hour
  • Patented “Semi-Suspension” filling system for the equal filling of bags into compact, square, stable bags
  • A high speed inflation device ensures the bag is fully open and ready to receive the product
  • An Inflatable collar fitted to the filling spout to ensures a secure seal so that no product escapes during the filling process
  • Supply of a metal detector to ensure that no metal contaminates enter the bags during the filling process
  • Big Bag unloading capabilities in which only a single operator is required with no cutting required for unloading
  • Automatic releasing bag loop hooks
  • Bag accumulating conveyors
  • Label/Ticket printing
  • Metal Detector
  • Fork Type Pallet Dispenser
  • One main control panel for the above equipment



The system was commissioned by Webster Griffin and key advantages are listed below:

  • More manageable, stable easy to handle Big Bags
  • The Big Bag filling station can be run by a single operator
  • Anti-contamination measures including a metal detector.
  • High speed bagging with a throughput of up to 40 bags/hour.
  • Ease of changeover with the auto-adjusting big bag filler catering for varying bag sizes from 500kg to 1500kg.
  • Accurate bag filling with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%


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