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Glass Cullet  -  FFS  Bagger & Palletiser



Krysteline Technologies has over 20 years of experience in the waste processing industry. Their strategy is to provide processing solutions for all shapes and sizes of collected glass. Their patented technology can make use of 100% of the collected glass, no matter the quality.

Krysteline selected Webster Griffin for the installation of a high throughput packing line as they hold vast experience in providing complete bagging and palletising lines.


Krysteline wanted to bring their packing line into the 21st century by reducing manual labour and increasing automation for packing their recycled granular glass cullet.

  • The automatic system would also have to ensure they reach their production targets through continuous production around the clock.
  • The system needed to be capable of a capacity of 16 tonnes per hour on 25kg bags.
  • They required a solution that would allow them to pack and palletise their recycled glass ready for exportation overseas so that it can be then reused and repurposed.
  • They required the flexibility to adjust to different bag sizes to keep with the demand for unexpected changes in commercial shape and design.
  • The machine must always be fed with sufficient product through the surge hopper so that the maximum packing rate can be maintained.




The complete bagging line was delivered approximately 13-14 working weeks from the date of order and consists of:

  • One fully automatic Form Fill Seal bagging machine model CV2080 for a maximum empty bag width of 500mm.
  • One mild steel surge hopper with level controls to receive product from Krysteline's feeding system.
  • One automatic net weigher with an electronic loadcell weighing system.
  • Two stage product dosing system.
  • A quick-release door on the side of the weigh-pan for easier cleaning and programmable from 5kg-25kg.
  • Electric height adjustment for the bag support saddle.
  • Automatic film centring device.
  • Bag closure to be performed via heat sealing
  • The bags will also be micro-perforated to remove excess air before they are palletised so the bags are neat, square and tidy for transportation.
  • Additional equipment to handle dusty products including rubber sleeve inside the forming tube.
  • Belt conveyors that are complete with bag turner and flattener with a height adjustable top belt to adjust the amount of compaction.
  • One heavy duty A1200 Okura Robot with sophisticated OXPA ‘easy teach’ palletising software and Pre-set palletising programmes catering for 100 variations.
  • To ensure no unauthorised personnel enter the bagging zone whilst it’s in operation, we installed a high mechanical fence guarding including an interlocked access door.
  • One PLC colour touch screen to control the bagging line.
  • An empty pallet standard magazine with a capacity of 14-15 empty pallets.
  • One programmable thermal printer to print the bar code and one line of text down the side of each filled bag.


Two engineers returned on site to check and test the installation and equipment and found a number of key benefits at Krysteline.

  • Krysteline were pleased with their increased throughput of 640 bags/hour.
  • An excellent bagging accuracy of +/- 0.5% meaning they had reduced their product give away and customers weren’t left short changed either.
  • The Robot palletiser provides highly accurate neat, square fully loaded pallets suitable to be transported to Krysteline’s clients internationally.
  • Productivity boost - Employees now have more time to accomplish other production tasks.
  • Flexibility – the system catering to various bagging requirements allows Krysteline to respond to customer demands immediately.
  • Improved traceability - each bag can be identified via a label and barcode.



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