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Meadow Foods was established in 1992 as a farmer-backed milk buying and dairy trading business. They process a growing portfolio of dairy products including butter, cheeses and sweetened foods.

They also supply more than 100,000 tonnes of dairy ingredients at our three UK factories in Chester Yorkshire and Peterborough. we supply Ingredients to manufacturers operating in sectors such as ready meals, sandwiches, bakery, confectionery, puddings, biscuits and ice cream and to the Foodservice sector through wholesalers.



Meadow Foods enlisted the food sector expertise of Webster Griffin when commissioning a new palletiser and stretch wrapper for their boxes of butter.

Meadow Foods required a high speed, fully automatic solution to increase production capacity in response to growing demand.

For this project the following system attributes were essential.

  • A fully automatic system to deliver maximum productivity whilst reducing the labour input required.
  • A high-speed solution was required to ensure a consistently high throughput  to meet production targets.
  • Automated conveyors to keep transitions smooth at the speeds needed to achieve the desired throughput.
  • Flexibility to cater to both 12.5kg and 25kg boxes on the same production line.



After inspecting the site and establishing objectives with the customer, Webster Griffin recommended a high speed palletising and stretch wrapping line. The system boasts the following key characteristics:

    • Okura A700 robot with heavy duty base.
    • Okura’s advanced OXPA-QmV “easy-teach” palletising software with capabilities to create unique palletising programs.
    • Colour Touch Screen HMI PLC control panel for complete control.
    • Vacuum type robot hand to pick and place filled boxes without damaging packaging, the design can pick up two boxes at a time meaning a faster process.
    • An Integrated system of mechanised conveyors for full automation.
    • On set of floor mounted guides for a pallet slip sheet and storage.
    • One heavy duty semi automatic stretch wrapper model Uniwrap 100S, configured for easy pallet removal using a standard fork lift truck.


After a successful Webster Griffin led installation, Meadow Foods began to experience the benefits of their new acquisition.

  • Increased productivity, Meadow Foods are achieving a product throughput of up to 240 boxes an hour on their 25kg boxes and up to 360 boxes an hour on their 12.5kg boxes.
  • A reduction in labour dedicated to the line.
  • Neat, square pallets delivered through highly precise box lifting and placement.
  • Waterproofed pallets of product , easy to handle and sturdy enough to withstand transportation.


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