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Building Sand  -  Bag packing system



The Norman Emerson Group has been operating in Ireland since 1945, they supply the construction and landscaping industries with concrete and a range of outdoor surfacing solutions.

Webster Griffin were asked by The Norman Emerson Group to provide a completely autonomous system for bagging and palletising dredged sand and aggregates .


Norman Emerson required the installation of a complete system including a new Form Seal Bagging Machine, an Okura A1600 palletising robot, a Uniwrap 200 Stretch Wrapper and pallet dispensing and moving system to meet increasing consumer demand. Webster Griffin appealed to Norman Emerson as a supplier due to their vast experience in the handling of sand and aggregates. Norman Emerson set the following requirements for the solution:

  • A fully automatic bagging machine suitable for the bagging of free-flowing sand and aggregates. The bagging machine must be able to operate continuously in a dusty and corrosive environment
  • A cost-effective solution for bagging sand and aggregates where the cost per bag is low to ensure that production costs are minimised
  • Deliver neat, square, compact pallets to Norman Emerson’s customers worldwide
  • Versatility - easily adapted for different bag sizes and weights.
  • Ability to handle new & reconditioned pallets
  • Automatically adjustable for 3 unusual pallet sizes – including 1200 x 1000 GKN - CHEP Blue Packer (used in UK), a square 1100 x 1100 pallet and an unusual 1143 long x 914 wide export pallet
  • Heavy duty & compact construction – to fit in constrained space available
  • Automatic pallet magazine with 15 pallet capacity
  • Integrated metal detection facility


Webster Griffin recommended the following solution:

  •           CV3080 Form-Fill-Seal bagging machine for aggregates and sand. Form-Fill-Seal technology provides lower cost per bag compared to pre-made sacks. The system simultaneously forms, fills and seals bags providing high speed, low cost bagging
  •           One volumetric dosing system
  •           One heavy duty folded steel frame, for hygiene and easy cleaning
  •           Film reel un-winder device including a powered un-winder with integral film tensioning device
  •           Gut Weg electric hoist mounted on rear frame of machine above film reel to assist with film reel change overs
  •           Photoelectric cell to detect the registration mark on the film
  •           One parallel vertical sealing bar with anti-adhesive Teflon coating
  •           Additional forming tubes to cater to Norman Emerson’s varying required weights from 5kg to 40kg
  •           Additional perforator to allow the expulsion of air once the bag has been filled
  •           Integrated system of powered conveyors for complete automation
  •           Okura A1600 Series III robot palletiser including control panel, OXPA-QmV ‘Easy-teach’ programming system, touch screen display, fault finding, activity log, etc
  •           One Okura bag hand with two sets of side grippers, two stainless steel guiding plates and two bag top clamps
  •           One standard pallet magazine with a capacity of up to 400kg
  •           Fully automatic stretch wrapper with variable programming, catering to Norman Emerson’s requirements delivering complete waterproof protection for pallets
  •           Chilled air sealing system for reliable, high speed bagging
  •           Vibrating chute to guide wet and damp product into the FFS machine


The system was installed at the Norman Emerson’s site by Webster Griffin and has brought about the following benefits:

    • Increased throughput with bagging and precise palletising occurring at a rate of up to 1200 x 25kg bags an hour
    • Neat, square waterproofed pallets prepared for transportation to Norman Emerson’s customers
    • The full automation gives employees more time to focus on other production tasks
    • An engineer stayed on site to train Norman Emerson’s team of operators leaving them able to operate and maintain the machines with minimum assistance

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