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Plastipak are a global plastic packaging producer who are expanding their capabilities in the recycling industry industries. The company has been in operation for the past half a century and has over 40 production sites across the globe.

Plastipak contacted Webster Griffin when sourcing Big Bag Fillers for their bottle grade PET chips. Webster Grififn came to Italpet's (Plastipak's) attention as a possible supplier as their sister company, Cobarr Plastics, had been running a Webster Griffin PET chips bagging system since 1994.


Plastipak required the expansion of their Bulk Bag filling facilities for PET chips at their production site. Plastipak put forward the following requirements.

  • Multiple bag size/weight changeover necessary per shift
  • Eliminate high speed bagging risk of rupturing inner PE bag
  • Single operator operation required
  • Product batch traceability – data detailing product grade, batch number etc
  • Dependable weighing accuracy to reduce give away and wastage of high value PET resin (value of $2,000 per tonne)
  • Stable, square packs using the minimum sized bags


Taking into account Plastipak requirements, Webster Griffin recommended the following solution:

  • IBC-PF3 Big Bag Weigh-Filling Machine with a two-stage product release valve ensuring accurate bagging
  • Semi-suspension patented big bag filling technology for square stable bags
  • Self-Adjusting technology for different bag sizes/weights including weighing system with 100 pre-loaded programmes for varying product and weight densities
  • A single operator on a designated platform places an empty bag onto the machine every 90 seconds
  • Automatic printed ticket ‘passport’ printing – RS3232 output links the weighing system to the barcode and label printer.
  • Self-performance monitoring system – connected to the database on Plastipak's DCS plant computer, records, monitors and is connected to the performance of the bagging station
  • Neck closing system – Unique neck closing technology allowing the use of the smallest possible size of bag
  • Webster Griffin’s ‘self-optimising’ weighing technology
  • Pallet magazine with 15 – 20 pallet capacity
  • Bag handling & accumulating conveyors


The system was installed and is successfully operating on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Pallanza, Northern Italy.

  • The system runs with a single operator for 8 – 16 hours/day at 3 shifts per day for 5 days of operation and in times of high demand will run for 24 hours per day, 7 days/week
  • Smaller, more compact and cost-saving bags
  • Reduced product give-away and wastage due to extremely sensitive weight accuracy
  • High-speed bagging – 30 – 40 big bags per hour achieving 30 tonnes per hour.
  • Guaranteed weighing accuracy of +/- 0.5% per bag of their high value PET resin.
  • Increased traceability & quality assurance – automatically printed 'passport' ticket identification on each bag

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