Reliance – Dahej

PET Resin - Seven (7) Jumbo Bagging Lines 

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Multinational Indian conglomerate Reliance has a strong presence in a number of industries including petrochemicals and telecommunications. Reliance’s Jamnagar Petroleum Refinery is the largest in the world and bottle grade PET Chips are manufactured at their  ‘state of the art ‘  facility in Dahej

In the face of fierce international competition, Webster Griffin was awarded the contract in 2012  to design, manufacture and install a multi-line packing facility for  Reliance’s new PET Resin manufacturing plant at Dahej.

The packing complex from Webster Griffin comprised of:- 7 x IBC PF4  Bulk Bag filling machines,  fully automatic empty pallet distribution and infeed system , conveying of full bags to the SRS Warehouse, all associated hoppers, structures,  platforms, Siemens S7 PLC controls, in-line bag check weighing and metal detection devices plus automatic quality monitoring and production data logging systems.



  • All Machines had to connect at height to the customer's system of product storage silos by feed pipes.
  • Machines supplied complete with two storey self-supporting platforms to allow operator access to the PET chips buffer, hoppers and feed pipes.
  • The customer had a rigorous quality assurance system involving two third party consultants and an inspection process.
  • The customer wanted to be able to remotely monitor and log Bag and Weight data for analysis and traceability.
  • The customer wanted to be able to run the plant 24 hours per day with minimal labour
  • Contamination of product totally not acceptable - therefore an integral metal detection system is required.
  • Full bags must be stable and sit square on the pallet to withstand an immediate journey to the warehouse without tipping over.




Webster Griffin proposed a Turn-Key System incorporating the well proven IBC PF4 bulk bag weigh fill machine tailored to suit the clients project specific demands.
Inline metal detection fitted to system feeds
3.5 ton capacity buffer hoppers and dosing valves for control of product moving from the main silos
2 x Weigh platforms per system for bag weighing and check weighing of every bag
Vibration table for maximum compaction of product and stability of every bag.
Online ticket printing system accessible to the operator for application of identification label on every bag.
weightment data transmission and logging to control room and batch report printing.
Operator platform enables the application of empty bags and bag neck closing from one point.
Fully automatic distribution of empty pallets to the seven(7) Jumbo Bag filling stations.
Stacks of  empty pallets are conveyed from the SRS to a series of pallet magazines where the piles of pallets are ‘de-stacked’ and fed into the individual IBC PF4 bag filling machines
Hi-speed conveying stystem transports full bags to the automated warehouse


  • The system delivers an instantaneous throughput of 40 x 1200 kg Bulk Bags per line x 7, at peak 280 bag/h (336 Tons/H).
  • Excellent weight accuracy owing to gross/net weighing technology and integral ‘on-the-spout’ top up.
  • Robust design and solid build quality ensures reliable operation 24 hrs/day.
  • Full bags are stable and packed tightly -ready to be conveyed immediately into the SRS Warehouse.
  • Optimum utilization of available bag volume due to patented ‘Semi -Suspension’ filling technology – combined with high-frequency vibration – which consolidates the chips into the bag during the automatic weigh-fill process.

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