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Multinational Indian conglomerate Reliance have a strong presence in a number of industries including petrochemicals and telecommunications. Reliance’s Jamnagar Petroleum Refinery is the largest in the world.

Webster Griffin recently supplied a package of three Big Bag Filling lines for processing LDPE and LLDPE Resin and Pellets to Jamnagar.


  • The characteristics of the product meant the third system was required to be ATEX compliant across the board
  • This system was also earmarked to be connected to several different product feed points
  • Contaminated product not acceptable
  • All three units had to be integrated with the customers existing control systems
  • Machines had to connect at height to customer’s substantial system of product distribution silos
  • The machines were supplied with two storey self-supporting platforms to allow operator access to the systems dosing valves and feed system
  • The customer had a rigorous quality assurance system involving two third party consultants
  • Systems were to be fitted with dust extraction units to mitigate risks of product dust
  • Both Weighing and Check Weighing of filled bags. Refilling of underweight bags
  • The customer wanted to be able to see Bag and Weight data for analysis and identification
  • The customer wanted to be able to run the plant with minimal labour


  • Webster Griffin proposed variations on the robust IBC PF4 machines modified through discussions with the customer and project consultants to suit the product to be processed by each machine
  • Inline metal detection fitted to system feeds
    Buffer hoppers and dosing valves for control of product moving from the main silos
  • 2 x Weigh platforms for bag weighing and check weighing
  • Vibration table for maximum compaction of product
  • Inline ticket printing system accessible to the operator for application of tickets
  • Bag data transmission and logging
  • Central operator platform enabled application of bag labels and bag tying from one point.
  • Third system was designed to move along a WG supplied rail to allow connection to one of three silos



  • The system achieved 45 Jumbo Bags/hour throughput
  • Excellent weight accuracy
  • Reliable system running 24 hours
  • Reduction in labour requirements to two machine operators and 1 forklift operator

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