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Exporting to countries throughout Europe, Africa and Australasia, the United Sugar Company (USC) is one of the world's top five sugar refineries and is based in Saudi Arabia. Following a successful bulk bagging system installation in 2001, USC has since contracted Webster Griffin for the installation of three further big bag filling lines, two high speed open mouth bagging lines, and a form fill seal bagging machine.




USC turned to Webster Griffin to come on-board with their drive to increase annual production capacity. USC had identified the following as critical to achieving their objectives.

  • Capability for packing two different product grades – fine grain and coarse grain white sugar into 1200kg bags
  • Fill Bulk Bag containers on multiple lines at a throughput of between 30-40 bags an hour without compromising bagging accuracy
  • Hygienic processes - control of spillage - in warm climate conditions any residual product must be prevented from dropping onto top of container as it is removed from the filling position
  • Economical form fill seal bags for smaller quantities
  • Clean and completely sealed bags – essential in the hot Saudi climate
  • Straight-sided filled bags - without kinks for neat, space saving stacking and storage - particularly important considering the high volume production
  • More automation of bagging keeping labour to a minimum and speeding up processes
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Webster Griffin designed a tailor-made packing system with three FIBC filling systems, two open mouth bagging lines and a form fill seal bagging line. The main bulk bag filling systems fill four-loop PE coated big bags to an established throughput of 40 x 1200kg bags per hour.

  • 3 x Big Bag Filling stations including operator platforms with inflation fan and sliding filling spout
  • Product dosing valve maintaining filling control and accuracy
  • Heavy duty powered belt conveyors.
  • Fully Automatic open-mouth bagging machine for high speed bagging of small bags.
  • Form Fill Seal bagging machine to fill small sacks produced from a reel of film.
  • Filling spout with pneumatically operated flaps for operation close to end of the filling cycle to prevent any residual product escaping.
  • Automatic check weigher – to ensure that every bag produced meets the customer's specified bag accuracy of +/- 0.5%.


  • A doubling of production capacity with an increase to 805,000 tonnes per annum
  • The main bulk bag filling systems filling four-loop PE coated big bags at established throughput of 40 x 1200kg bags per hour
  • A highly accurate open-mouth bagging machine achieving a high throughput of 50kg bags
  • USC have reinforced their status as a leading sugar refinery.


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