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"Webster Griffin aims to win our clients respect by being friendly, efficient and professional at all times"

Your Global Partner

Packaging Machinery and Systems

Since 1975, Webster Griffin has provided businesses in locations ranging from Siberia to Saudi Arabia with world class packaging solutions. Whether you need a palletising unit to add to your existing arsenal or an integrated packing plant solution, we can help. Here are some of the values we pride ourselves on — and reasons why you should choose us.

Packed For The Future

We believe that investing in tomorrow’s technology (and thinking outside of the box) helps businesses stay ahead. Our policy of continual research and development ensures you enjoy the most up to date machinery and advancements.

We’re also always looking to provide clients with innovative solutions based on proven technology. If our team of in-house experts can’t directly provide it, we won’t hesitate to bring in one of our network partners for challenging or complex cases.

Packed With Care

At Webster Griffin, we win your respect and repeat business by going beyond offering the bare minimum. It doesn't matter whether you're a famous multinational company or specialist startup.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, efficient and professional at all times. As a multi-generational family business, we’ve developed client relationships that span decades.

Packed For You

At Webster Griffin, almost every machine we sell is designed and built to order. Our experience might inform our approach, but we tailor every solution to your unique requirements. Before we begin on your project, we investigate your premises, products, machinery, resources and processes. This ensures our solution will fit seamlessly into your operations without hitches or conflicts.

Packed With Experience

We have decades of experience in working with a diverse range of clients and projects. We know that every project and client has its own unique problems and rewards. It means that we’re better equipped than most to understand your product, environment, market and future needs.

This gives us a holistic view of your business. We use this view to provide you with a packaging solution which delivers the performance you want today, and that you can expand on tomorrow.

Packed With Technology

Adaptable modular designs, easy to master intelligent touch screen driven controls and the convenience of standard spares and accessories are core elements in all our machinery design & supply packages.


Seven Reasons to Choose Webster Griffin

Understanding your product, your environment, your market and your future plans means we can produce equipment which delivers a high level of performance

Our policy of continual research and development ensures you benefit from the most up to date machinery.

Almost every machine is designed and built to order – providing you with a system which meets your organisation's requirements at every level. Where customers have plans to expand or diversify, we take into account these potential requirements and build the maximum possible adaptability into our system. 

A new packing system is a critical part of a successful production strategy - giving you the opportunity to meet your customer’s demands now and in the future. We make sure we undertake a detailed investigation of our customer's premises, products, existing machinery, resources and processes before we put forward final design proposals.  

In the last 45 years, our team of experts have supplied and installed more than 600 systems to locations world-wide from sub-zero Siberia to sun-baked Saudi Arabia. 

Spare parts and after-sales service is available from our HQ in the UK, local agents and regional offices worldwide. We can provide remote assistance when required.

Our reference list is wide ranging from high profile multinationals to one-off  specialist concerns.